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This little blurb was in a (Euro) magazine called "Which Bike?"; one of those 4-times a year mags that lists a slew of bikes, a quick blurb, etc.

Here's what they said about the ZR-7:

"Hmmm. A safe, big(ish) bike. When cubes matter, but riding experience is somewhat thin. Bland, but cheap enough to make it attractive - beer goggles comes to the biking world."

Beer goggles?:mad: :mad:

If I ever pick up anything half as good looking as the ZR with beer goggles on, I'd be pretty damned happy!:smilewink

Oh, and about the -7S, it says, "The retro ZR-7 with a fairing and higher touring appeal. An all around town bike with open road pretensions."

You just can't please everyone.

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