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Greetings and Salutations to all my homies at Rider Forums! Happy Holidays too! Woot Woot!!!!

Back in the USA, and checking in on the Family! Great info and advise from all the Forum members as always..........Like a fresh of breath of fresh air!

I'll get ChaingKawa taken care of when I return to the Kingdom........ he's a bit away from me in BKK but we'll get him correct springs as well as several options to tame his front end. If I can remember, we'll also take some Pictures for The Forum!

Looking at some of the posts regarding Oils.......... Calculating out via SUS is problematic and I'm just not interested anymore.......lol. Since the Petervandone and the Wikipedia, (Not sure when that info was submitted) we can now actually calculate via straight Viscosity.....Not viscosity Index.

The [email protected] is now becoming the standard for all measuring for fork oils: thanks to our very own American Society for Testing and Measuring.......Most of us know this as ASTM.

So instead of the Automotive Engineering, The SAE folks, The API Folks and everyone else in the free world (who uses their own measuring systems) and so on and so forth.......The Hydraulic Fluid Companies have stepped up to the plate and have helped all of Us with fork Oils to be better tuners! Although this link is 6 years old, its within 2 units of current Viscosities for almost every manufacturer making Fork Oils.

Since I'm now in "collaborating" with Ohlins and Several motorcycle Manufacturers in Thailand, I hope you all find this list as useful as I do!


I especially like the table to the right to tell me what the oil is made from (Natural/Synthetic) and That it lists the O.E. Manufacturers Viscosity (beginning) as well.

Really great to see the immense amount of Wisdom being shared with the membership and Some great Threads with Posts with Pictures that are truly all encompassing and better than factory service manuals!

Have a wonderful Holiday to all! ....and a Happy New Year!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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