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Today I commenced the installation of a KOSO DB03r Gauge on my 2010 ER6
I started by looking at the wiring diagram i had in the service manual and the pigtail i had from my gauge. I quickly realised that all of the different models of bike er6n vs F are different as the colour code didnt seem to make sense.
I finally found a service manual for my actual bike.
This was the colour code for the 2010 ER6 with my model of KOSO as it stands today
Text Black White Line Number

Theres a few things i need to figure out.
The speedo sensor, the Engine light, ABS light, fuel reserve indicator etc.
Im researching how to wire these remaining things but if anyone has any insight please let me know.

Im impressed with the device. Its diminutive size belies its capability. Its packed with features such as shift light, trip computer, water temperature sensor etc will be great additions i feel that will get used regularly.

So on to how i decided to wire the gauge...
The standard gauge has 16 wires and so i bought two pairs of 16 pin waterproof connectors.
I snipped off the existing plug leaving 200mm or so of wire. I then wired up the new connectors so that i could plug the old gauge in.. Yes the old gauge.
This is what that looked like
Wire Electronics Technology Electrical wiring Electronic device

This is so if i ver want to go back to standard or the new gauge fails i can plug it straight in. AFter wiring it up i checked its operation and it was all good.

Then i made a similar connector for the new gauge
Font Technology Wire

I plugged it in and bang!!! It fired up and worked perfectly off the bat.
Light Electronics Technology Automotive lighting Room

Ill update when i have the rest sorted, but for now Im happy that the thing works. well enough to ride.

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I found a post on kawiforums on installing a db01r gauge on the same year 650
But the DB03r has wiring colors that are slightly different; I found a post on a GROM forum of all places that exlained what the three wire connector colour code is (its not in the KOSO instructions) This unit should work with most standard speedo pickups.

so the way it works is as follows...
Koso speed sensor+12V Blue/ Red-----------Speed sensor positive wire
Koso speed sensor -12V White/black----------Ground
Koso Speed sensor signal Blue WHite---------Speed sensor signal wire

Also from that thread; the settings that you need to make it all work
Wheel diameter - 1970(i may need to tweak this but for a standard 160 tyre its correct)
Sensor points - 12P (these are on front drive sprocket)
Pistons - 2P
Coil setting - Hi
Fuel sender range - 200 ohm but appears to read a little high and I may revert back to 100 ohm

Text Font Line Colorfulness Parallel

I figured out my speedo, engine light and a few of the settings. I now have a speedo, Fuel gauge and most of the idiot lights i previously had. On top of that gear indicator works well. Indicators, high beam etc etc all work. Just need to investigate the water temp a little further. Ill post a video a little bit later... The gauge looks really good with its blue backlight setting (it has three different colours which is two too many lol)
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