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I made the video of my ride to World's End ... I managed to tape a large piece of foam over the mic to mute wind noise and allow a bit of commentary along the way but it also mutes the usual lovely engine noise as well ... also a car came down the single track lane and really took me by surprise, he really didn't make any attempt to pull over, instead just staying in the middle and forcing me almost against the grass verge ... it doesn't look much in the video but it really gave me a fright, not as confident as I once was....

NSFW: cursing at 2:26

Here are the pictures ... sorry for the quality, the sun was way up high by this time and made them very contrasty
although the bike looks ok in the shade ... I usually prefer to take my pics morning or evening so much easier light then :)

This is along the route I took and a view of Castle Dinas Bran, LLangollen...

These were actually taken at World's End itself...

The little ford across the road...

Through here are beautiful walks along the mountain stream and right up to far reaching views...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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