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Ok, so I haven't responded to every new member who's signed up in the past month or two. How many have we had? 10? 15? 20? So, I thought I'd give a big general "hello and welcome" to all who've joined within the past couple of months. Sorry, but it gets kind of tiresome on the fingers when you write the same hello and welcome twice a day!

I can't believe how big this site's gotten. You're gone for a day - maybe less - and you check all new threads and what's this? 2 or 3 pages of new posts??? WOW! It used to be that you could skip 3 or 4 days (not that I did) and you sitll wouldn't get enough new posts to fill even 1 page.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Glad you guys and gals are here. I also figure a lot of you were reading the forum long before you joined up or bought the bike, so thanks for deciding to be part of the family.

So... welcome all. I hope everyone here finds as much information, entertainment and advice as I did and still do. I also hope you try to get together with fellow riders (whether they still ride ZR-7's or not) and make friends. I made great riding partners and friends in my time in So Cal, and hope to do the same with the East Coast contingent, even though we are a little more spread apart.

Ride much and ride safe.

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