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So, 97 GSF1200S, got it as a project bike. New plugs, cleaned carbs, fresh gas. It ran like a beast. Parked it, next day, idles beautifully but won't rev out. Anything more than 1/4 throttle and chokes out. If I release the throttle real quick it will keep on idling. Pull the carbs again and double checked everything. No trash, jets are clear. It acts like the main jets are clogged but their pristine.
I bought a factory service manual that said it was for this bike but it's for a 2000 which I am now discovering has a different ignition system.
I am confused by it though because the wiring harness on the bike has a connector for TPS but the carbs do not. And as far as I can tell the 97 bikes don't have an option for TPS.
I'm wondering about the ignition box at this point since it happened so abruptlty and I can find no issue with the carbs. But without an appropriate service manual I have no good sstarting point for diagnosis.
Hopefully someone here can shed some light.
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