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2019 Z900RS Cafe

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So I had to break down and get this beautiful retro looking bike. Love the styling and colors and it gets more looks and compliments than my Aprilia. Only have 160 miles on it so I am still getting to know her. It really is a good riding bike, but couple of things I have noticed so far though.

1. Engine braking.. wow.. this bike will almost throw you forward with the amount of engine braking. Could just be the gearing, but it takes effort to manage it.
2. Kind of goes hand in hand with #1, but the throttle sensitivity is really touchy and I'm having to get used to being very precise on my throttle control so I don't do the whiplash neck maneuver because I moved the throttle a bit.
3. Certain gears feel really rough, especially 5th. Almost to the point of thinking something is wrong. It feels almost like a grinding in my feet etc when in 5th. Shift in to 6th and smooth as butter. No, I'm not in high rpm when in 5th either.
4. Although the seat is nice sized and positioned very well, my butt goes numb after a few miles. Going to be upgrading the seat.
5. Really hard to find accessories in the U.S. however, I did find that Delkevik is now making some super nice headers, full systems, etc. for a great price. Getting my header for like $317, and going to use the stock muffler. Delkevic has full exhaust systems that look nice for under $500.

Would love to hear about other experiences.
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