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2013 cockpit fairing misfit

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Hi guys,

Picked up a 2013 ninja 650 a few weeks ago. Had to take all the fairings off to return the exhaust to stock because it had a god-awful pipe on it from the previous owner.

After I put the fairings back on, I noticed this gap in the left hand side "lambchop" fairing.


Cant remember if the gap was there before I did the swap, but I don't think so. Its significantly larger on this side than the other side, which looks more like a tolerance than a "gap" per-se. It also clicks in and out of alignment, so something is putting stress on the part and pulling it out of the right spot.

Any idea what might be misaligned to be causing that gap? if its a known thing it could be a quick fix which would be nice. Alternatively I'll have another crack at removing then replacing the fairings and try put Humpty-Dumpty back together again properly. In that case, any tips on general fairing replacement to ensure everything fits nicely?

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Pull bolts back out and snap it back into place. Looks like that is all that is needed at this point
Pull bolts back out and snap it back into place. Looks like that is all that is needed at this point
Tried it, didn't help. I think mounting points for the lamb-chop might be misaligned themselves.

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I have a 2012 ... that side on mine is always a little off, but that seems dramatic.

Under B, there is a well nut, which is most likely causing your problem. It goes under the meter cover (black plastic piece under the windshield), through the left upper inner fairing, and stays stuck in the upper fairing once the left upper inner fairing is removed. Most likely the left upper inner fairing is sitting on top of the well nut, instead of the well nut going through it.

Take off the wind screen, wind screen brackets, meter cover and left upper inner fairing. Pull the well nut out, put the left upper inner fairing piece in place and then shove the well nut back in. It should all sit much closer after you do that ... assuming that's the problem. While you have it apart, check that the well nut for the right upper inner fairing is seated correctly as well ... causes the same issue, but less pronounced.

Ask me how I know.


If you over tightened the bolt at A, like I did, while trying to close the gap ... you may have chewed up the well nut behind it. I picked up a cheapo windscreen well nut kit from the local stealership to replace it which put it back to where I remembered it being before I ... did mean things to my bike.
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Hmm try to snap it in after you take all the bolts, mine is a bit overlap but nothing like that. Although I see 2014 have this problem worst than the 2013 when it comes to fairing.
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