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2011 New Colors

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Here are the color choices for 2011. Blacked-out mufflers!

Green, anyone?

Robhor, Raj, you guys bought a year too early!

I'm kinda diggin the black, but I think the green will take awhile. I think they should have kept the orange.
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I really like that green. Definitely something different.
The all black is hot, but the green with the rim-stripes is killin' it! :righton:
Are they bound for the US of A and what does everybody else get? :dunno:
Still like mine - but these both look great.
I like the all black a lot, but that green is killer!
Robhor, Raj, you guys bought a year too early!
It's never too early if you've got your mind set on a new bike.. :glassesti
Got to have a bit of chrome

I still like the black and silver best tho.
Here..here..Bigdealdave. I just love the all black (see Robhor whats it like to have Kawasaki copy you!!:notworthy) but i do like a bit of chrome, maybe because i am a bit 'old school'
I'll take the grn/blk one!!!!
Bout time,green should be standard every year imo, NOW I want one. Looks like the candy lime like on my 750
now that's more like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just might have t go into (more)debt for that green one.
I can't decide which I like better!

Maybe the green?

They both look awesome!
I like both, but really favor the green and black.
I have a white/orange, but my son prefers the new black/green. :buttkick:
I'd like the green if they would have made it all green and lost the black plastic pieces. Glad I pulled the trigger on my white/orange one though. My favorite by far!
Still prefer my White/Orange! Got the last one in my state!
Distributor told me about the green & I'm just not a green person!
Although the Black does look tough, better than the 2010 IMO>
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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