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After only riding 30kms last year I have decided to sell The Zee

This bike has:
Muzzy 998cc 13.5:1 Comp Kit
Z1000 Head - ported and polished
Zx9 Cams
Zx10r Throttle bodies - K&N Pod Filters and crankcase filter
Zx-6r Front Forks - Calipers - Rim - Rotors - Fender
Zx-6r rear swing arm and shock
Rear Hugger - Carbon fiber look alike
Speedo Healer
New Battery
Double bubble tinted shield
Buell mirrors so you can see behind you
Muzzy Slip - header pipes have been port match - opened 1/8" at exhaust ports
Power Commander 3 with Ignition module
Quick shift linkage
Tidy tail
Corbin Seat
High output H7 bulbs
Frame savers
152 RWHP - plus 48HP wet nitrous if you dare flip the switch
10.09 sec 1/4 mile without nitrous
Will need new red tire soon - just at wear bars
$4500.00 usd the mods cost more than that.

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Hi. My name is Troy, and I'm new to the forum. I have a 2006 Kawasaki Z750S, and I got it for a potential cafe racer project. The one this holding me up, and may be the deciding factor are forks. What year Zx-6R forks are yours from and how do you go about installing them. Is it something that one can do by themselves, or is professional help needed? I hate the stock pair, they're kind of mushy. Any info would be awesome. Thanks!
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