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2005 CBR600RR First Ride on the Hornet

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Hello all. Finally got to test the CBR.

Unfortunately it still the large rear spoken and chain from I believe a CBR900RR Fireblade. That makes it quite twitchy on the right hand...Oh especially going onto highway cloverleaf.

It's always trying to go faster Right NOW.

So my daily, daily riding won't begin till we remedy that back to OEM spokets and chain. Should be soon.

Rear tire new. Rear wheel bearings new. So that's good.

But yes, when asked...Hey what's it riding thar thing??

My answer is...It's like riding a Hornet!

And it literally is.

I'm sure my Matt's off, but seat of the pants tells me with normal spokets, it's like..
Top gear at 55 mph, round 5 grand.

Twist and either watch, or better yet Watch The Road, the needle sweep 10000 100, 15000 150. Jee Zus and Zues Help Us
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Sorry for the multiple pics.

Notice the bar clamp is welded.
Lol. That's the stinger. I've purchased ear plugs.
The throttle metering is near impossible. There's a power comander for the pipe. And that huge rear spoket. Going around turns is difficult, the touchiness of the throttle is frustrating.

I'm positive the oem spockets will smooth that out a bunch.

Plus I'm not used to the Supersport chassis. Your input from your feet push this chassis as well as hands, and of course body hanging too. Trick is to relax and feel it. I was holding on so tight with my legs that they ached after. Lol

And the wheelbase is so short, bike is light.

I'm just waiting on those oem spockets and chain(the chain is wider too with the 900's spockets on it) so I can ride nicey nice round town, I mean for crying out loud, I'm not a maniac.

Add to that the speedo is way off from what I can tell, yet I'm not sure how. Didn't think the spokets should effect that, but.

Also, I'm going to need spongeier Grips, perhaps ball hearings or shot to fill the Hollow bar too. My hands were buzzing after my first 45 minute blast I took. I've ordered proper gloves.
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Finally - that's what I always say! No matter how good you think you are at suspension, the guys at Honda are better at it. Every time. Bought a 600F five days ago.

Kodi nox
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