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I am currently in the process of painting this bike flat black and then I will be listing it, but just in case anyone is interested in the bike unpainted/primered, I'll throw this up.

It's a 2003 ZR-7s made naked. Delkevic single headlamp, upgraded headlight wiring, F-16 screen, ZR-7s gauges, LED bar mounted mirrors (turn signals), led bar ends (running light), LED integrated smoke brake light, superbike bars, pro grips, early 70's kawasaki engine covers.

Bike has about 12000 miles (I'll update) and runs great. Only issue is the clutch slips a bit near redline @ WOT but hopefully I'll get to that before I sell it.

Forks have new oil and have about 1" spacers. Very well maintained. Rear tire has about 50% left and front is down to about 10%, although I have a race-takeoff with about 50% I'll give with the bike or mount. Fresh brake fluid, fresh 10w40 Mobil 1 (motorcycle) synthetic.

Gonna miss this one but I have another bike now and I gotta let this one go.

Looking to get $3000 once it's painted and clutch issue resolved (it's very minor), otherwise the price will go down depending on condition.

Hopefully I'll have new pics up by the end of the week.
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