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2001 bandit 600s Choke not working

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2001 bandit 600s with a choke issue. I don't think the choke has ever worked properly since I have owned the bike (over a year now). On warmer days, I can start the bike without any choke, no problem. If I try to use the choke though, the engine boggs and usually cuts off. Once the bike is warmed up it always runs fine, no stumbling, very smooth. On cold days though when I would need a choke. I usually cannot get the engine to finally fire up until the 10th or more time cranking, and if i can keep it running to warm up, all is good. I would like my choke to work though, so I don't have to crank it over so much with the starter motor. People have told me that it is not actually a choke, but a fuel enrichment circut. Does it sound like I need to clean this circut? Or replace parts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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It is an enrichening circuit not a choke plate. The 'choke' bar pulls a plunger on the left of the carb on top on engine side. You should be able to see it. The plunger opens a direct circuit from the starting jet, sucking fuel vapor from carb bowl, to the engine intake.

The problem is that only the left carb allows the starter plunger be unscrewed. The rest of the carbs have to be taken out of the rack to have the room. Once the plunger is unscrewed, you can spray carb cleaner and see it coming out of the starter jet.

You should also check the floats are keeping level where it should in the bowls.
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