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Resurrecting an old discussion I never found resolution to. It was discussed that due to the 5mm more compression height of the 1500 pistons, older posters wanted to use this instead of paying muzzy/Thunder for added compression, allowing use of a hotter cam...but with worry of valve clearance, especially with said cam (Webcams).
My question, I've been searching FOREVER for some HC pistons. Due to muzzys/thunder not around anymore, I can't find anything for my 1600 Frankenstein. I recently found some JE 1500 MS pistons, and was wondering if anyone tried the 1500 pistons in 1600. Or, if the crown could be machined for the pistons to work, if not. The pistons are already 13:1, so adding more than that with the 5mm taller height would be kinda "ehhh".
I do not have a Meanie, though the top end of my engine consists most of Meanie components. Just y'all have had the most interesting build posts.
So, wanted some input. Love this bike, and willing to do whatever I can to hit the 100 mark. Already have quite the monster but want that low end power I need for some more up top...
Bike and current mods are-
98 1500 classic

05 1600 classic engine
Meanie 1600 heads, slightly ported exhaust and cleaned up intake
Slightly ported rubber *** "intake manifold"
Meanie 1500 cams
Keihin CVK40, DJ needle, jets, and Thunderslide
Coyote Kit intake
Dynatek 3k ignition, coils and wires, stock plugs gapped .040
V&H pro pipe

Future mods collected from Ebay and take offs from work-

Mikuni HSR45 ( didn't work well with stock manifold and port size, idk may have just been me)
Super G 44mm intake manifold (to be modified, possibly going super g carb as well due to success of another builder on Vulcanforums)
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Intake I got from a take off at work (I'm a Harley tech, prefer Metrics 😉)
Racing clutch spring

I have a set of cylinders in great shape waiting for bore whenever, so I can get it all ready while I'm still riding.

Then some maintenance items like counter balance dampers and collar, wheel bearings, brake pads, etc.

If worse comes to worst..I do still have most my 1500 engine, I could replace pog and swap my heads over...but would need to find new CDI due smaller rotor/ignition trigger. I lucked out finding my Dynatek, got it for free from a Vulcanforums member.

Anyways, wish I had this bike or a Meanie back when this **** was a buzz!

Ty for your reading and any suggestions :)

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