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Since everything in the title of my old thread has been sold and I don't think i can change it, I just figured I would start a new one with the rest the stuff I have.
All prices are shipped.
Will try and get everything else out next day.
E-mail me at [email protected]

Headlight, has a little scratch that could easily be polished out. $100

Integrated tail light, one of the vertical strips of tail/brake light sometimes flickers. $45

Turn signals. $20

Stock screen. $35 (double bubble is sold)

Instrument cluster surround. $20 (Side pieces are sold)

Coolant expansion bottle. $15
Tail light cover. $5
(fairing mount is sold)

Stock tail light. $20
Seat strap $5
Reflectors $5
(stock bars are sold)

Stock fender $35

Stock undertail $35

Thanks for looking.
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