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'06 Fizzy:

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Guys: Damn, Yamaha is in full damage-control mode! The new '06 R6 has a widly optimistic tach and only revs out to 16K, while the '06 Fizzy is getting slammed in it's reviews! Yammie guys, it's time to man the life rafts! ,BK
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I would still buy on what appeals to me, I dont really worry about some of those little worries of scraping pegs in cornors etc, I dont go any where near that when I go riding, I'm a little old in the tooth for that now, so I mainly go on looks first, being a bit bias to the good old Z.
The way I see it. the grand old Z has a cult following, I thought I liked a fizzy until I walked around a corner of a garage one night and just about ran into a Black Z1K and I must say I fell in love all over again :wavehand:
Ye looks simalar to the Grand Old Z but still has the wrong name on it! :agree:
I'm going for a ride down the Gold Coast shortly, I'll slip into a Suzuki shop and have a look if they got some there.
I went to the Yamaha shop in Nerang and had look at the FZ6 and the FZ1, they didnt have a fz1 naked there but I asume the FZ6 naked looks simalar, they didn't do much for me, but I did cast more than a glance over the 06, R6 a very nice motorcycle.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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