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'06 Fizzy:

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Guys: Damn, Yamaha is in full damage-control mode! The new '06 R6 has a widly optimistic tach and only revs out to 16K, while the '06 Fizzy is getting slammed in it's reviews! Yammie guys, it's time to man the life rafts! ,BK
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Seems to me they just turned the FZ1 into a Z1000. That's why I like the new FZ1. Sat on one at the IMS show it seems a lot smaller than the old one and looks 5X better IMHO. It's a cool update. Hardcore fans of the old ones though aren't likely to rush out and buy one 'cause they might be too radical for their "conservative" tastes. Oh yeah that and the fact the old FZ1 is an awesome all arounder that is reliable as hell. :D I sometimes ride with a guy who's put 50,000 miles on his in about 3 years and he's had zero problems.
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