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  1. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Well, here we are, After having some troubles with the carbs past winter and the bike finally feeling good, I decided to check if I could remedy what felt like some slack in the clutch assembly or the transmission gears. LO AND BEHOLD: The outer clutch basket has about 3/8 to 1/2 an inch of...
  2. ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    Hi everyone, In these quarantine times I have not much to do, I want to order an ignition advancer but shipping delays are HORRIBLE. So, I'll make my own using a dxf and either a laser cutter or waterjet (to be determined later) Could anyone scan their ignition advancer with a printer, next...
  3. General ZR-7
    Looking to replace my stock turn signals with something flush mount or at least reduced profile. Has anyone done this and can recommend or not recommend a specific manufacturer/product?
  4. General ZR-7
    I have a 2003 Zr7S UK model, had from new but only done 1300 mile, used for 12 months then sat there under cover until now, completly stock model, no mods at all. I've done all the usual, new plugs, cleaned the carbs, checked cleaned the jets etc, new battery. The bike does start with the...
  5. ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    I picked up my zr7s for 1600 in nice shape 21xxx miles, all receipts, original owner. I got the bike because I wanted to make something that can go off-road and still be able to cruise at 80mph on the streets. I'm looking at raising the ground clearance to start off and was eyeing the 2008 klr...
  6. For Trade
    I'm looking to purchase a clean but used slip on exhaust for my 2001 ZR7S. If anyone has been thinking of selling one, or knows of one for sale please let me know. Interested in anything really, as along as its in good condition. Can't seem to find many used exhausts for sale in brands such as...
  7. General ZR-7
    My question is when I measure my float heights (off the bike) I flipped them upside down on a 45 or where ever it is so the springs are not being compressed. I adjusted them to 17mm or a little under 11/16. So I get them all back together and mounted upright on my bench jig I built. So when I...
  8. For Sale
    I have a dropped zr7 parts for sale no fairings front shocks bent and tank is dented besides that engine runs great has 4100 miles on it feel free to call me @ 3472004187 will ship anywhere or email [email protected] pics on Craigslist http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/mcy/3071127096.html
  9. ZR-7 Accessories
    Hey Everyone, i know this topic has been talked about a lot but sadly most of the info is very old. I am looking to get a belly pan for my ZR7S. All i can really find is the wild hair gimbell one for 300 (yikes), a ugly one in ebay for like 150. There is one that i liked, the DR408 that was...
  10. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hello Everyone, i been reading this thread for a few months, i just recently purchased a 2001 Zr7s as my first bike and i love it, comfy, plenty of power and torque for my noob butt and looks cool. Ive looked at many threads to fix and modify things but mainly becaus eof the lack of motorcycle...
  11. Daily Ride
    Is there another Pittsburgher out there on a red ZR-7S that also has a red mohawk and red jacket? Both my little brother and his wife thought they saw me on SR 136 in Washington County yesterday then on West Liberty Avenue a few hours later. I'm your doppleganger!
1-11 of 11 Results