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  1. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Alright, I'll start off by saying that the ZR7 modifications are complete. Everything is functionnal, put new carbs in the bike to replace the troublesome old carbs that were repaired without much knowledge it seems by a previous owner. I cleaned every orifice in the new carbs, they are...
  2. General ZR-7
    Alright guys, ? I had posted a thread about selling my ZR7-S fairing because I decided to go full naked with the ZR just wanted to show off some as I am pretty proud of the result, the Gauges are from a ZRX1200, the headlight bucket is an OEM honda bucket with unbranded brackets (bought used...
  3. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hey, I've a problem. Here's the fork scheme: http://www.riderforums.com/attachments/zr-7-maintenance/84850d1426251702-fork-assembly-problem-c1917_f2340.jpg Precondition: while disassembling, I was screwing allen bolt 44041 in wrong direction, tightening it. Once fork stucked compressed after...
  4. For Sale
    SOLD, mods please delete. Thanks you.
  5. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hello, My ZR-7 sprung a leak recently on the chain cover where the bolt goes into the engine. I have attached a photo with an arrow pointing to this exact bolt. It appears to be leaking about 1 to 2 drops per hour (sitting not running). The rate increased from 1-2 drops per day after a 400mi...
  6. General Z1000/Z750
    Hello all, new guy here, but I have been lurking ever since I got my ZR-7 last year. I just picked up a 2004 Z1000 this past month. It has tons of mods, and came with bags full of 636 goodies. I'm sure one of the previous owners has posted pics of it on here, it has a custom Prius-blue paint...
  7. ZR-7 Accessories
    I have a Corbin seat for sale $199 O.B.O.
  8. For Trade
    I'm looking to purchase a clean but used slip on exhaust for my 2001 ZR7S. If anyone has been thinking of selling one, or knows of one for sale please let me know. Interested in anything really, as along as its in good condition. Can't seem to find many used exhausts for sale in brands such as...
  9. For Trade
    For sale is a 2002 ZR-7S complete bike with clear title. Has bad engine (hole in lower end) I bought this to flip but I went in the dark and didn't see hole until this morning. My loss is your gain. It was a theft recovery bike bought at a auction. Overall in good condition front fairing has...
  10. ZR-7 Maintenance
    I just bought a 2000 ZR-7 with 26000 miles on it. I'm new to riding and want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to keep the bike in good safe riding condition. Any advice on maintenance and things I should be checking? Any and all help will be much appreciated.
  11. For Sale
    I have a dropped zr7 parts for sale no fairings front shocks bent and tank is dented besides that engine runs great has 4100 miles on it feel free to call me @ 3472004187 will ship anywhere or email [email protected] pics on Craigslist http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/mcy/3071127096.html
  12. ZR-7 Accessories
    Hi, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if any1 knows where I can get a decent set of lowering links for my ZR-7? After reading several posts on here and looking around the web and other resources I haven't been able to find any 'dogbones' or lowering links for under $100. Also there was...
  13. ZR-7 Accessories
    Hey Everyone, i know this topic has been talked about a lot but sadly most of the info is very old. I am looking to get a belly pan for my ZR7S. All i can really find is the wild hair gimbell one for 300 (yikes), a ugly one in ebay for like 150. There is one that i liked, the DR408 that was...
  14. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hello Everyone, i been reading this thread for a few months, i just recently purchased a 2001 Zr7s as my first bike and i love it, comfy, plenty of power and torque for my noob butt and looks cool. Ive looked at many threads to fix and modify things but mainly becaus eof the lack of motorcycle...
  15. General ZR-7
    hi! just picked up my own zr7 today! a 2000 blue one. it has done 36000 miles( it is now in holland, was imported from the UK ) i've owned a few kawas in the past (a gpz and a gpx) and also a bmw and a cbr. now planning for: new front tire, inlet rubbers will last about 1 year and the...
  16. General ZR-7
    Hi yall, How many miles per gallon do you normally get? I'm averaging 38 mpg on my zr-7s. My typical ride is 75% city and 25% highway. :dunno:
  17. General ZR-7
    I'm thinking about removing the filter box / filter and installing 4 cone air filters directly onto the carb intakes. Has anyone on this forum done this for their ZR7? I know I'll need rejetting afterward, but not sure if their is enough room to fit the cone filters.
  18. For Sale
    2000 Kawasaki ZR-7 750cc ZR-7 for sale in Arkansas. 24k miles. Avon tires with about 400 miles on them. Moving to a place without a garage to keep it in or I wouldn't sell. Asking $2200. Contact me at [email protected]
1-18 of 19 Results