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  1. HELP! 2006 Z750 problem!

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hello guys i'm Costa Rica, i have a problem with my Z750, sometimes when the bike is cold and i turn it on it goes normally but after travelling like a mile it dies if i don't accelerate it, if i use the choke the bike can iddle but at very low rpm, if i don't use the choke the bike dies, the...
  2. ZX 10 forks on z750?

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hey guys!I 'm about to bite the bullet and swap my entire front end on my 2006 z750 after two years riding stock.I 've read almost the entire forum about fork swaps and I know about the zx6 and gsxr forks,but I can't find anything on zx10 forks. Since the zx10 bottom triple with a 636 stem...
  3. Convert Z750s seat to Z750 seats?

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hey guys so I just purchased this 2006 z750s with 10k and excellent condition.. Anyways I love it except for the seat actually.. I much prefer the 2 seat look and will have the money to attempt to convert it here soon. Any ideas on everything I will need? I was thinking seats, rear fairing and...
  4. 2005 Z1000 Upgrades

    Z1K/Z750 Accessories
    Hi, New to the forum although I have been reading quite a lot on the ZX9r cam and ZX10R throttle body upgrades. Planning on doing the upgrade over the winter, have the cams and throttle bodies just need springs and PCIII Ignition module which I am finding hard to track down. After I do these...
  5. Looking for UPG for my 2006 - ZR750 / Z750S Black

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hello All, I am new to the forums, have been reading it for a while, and though this was the right time to introduce myself. I currently live in Massachusetts - USA, and recently purchased a 2006 Kawasaki Z750S (ZR-750K? as the title say) black from a dealership. It has 20k miles on it, but I...
  6. Surging Idle

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Hi all, my 06 Z750S has had a kinda strange issue the entire time I've owned it. It has your typical 'surging idle' issue, but only under very specific conditions - when the bike is fully warmed up, turned off for any amount of time, then turned back on while still at operating temperature. The...
  7. Kawasaki z750 2010 fork swap

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hello, I want to upgrade my forks and brakes on my 2010 kawasaki z750. I want to pickup some forks, axle and brakes from a 05-06 zx6r. But my main concern is, if I'm able to use my z750 wheels and rotors. If anybody has done this swap, is there anything else that I need to be aware off?

    General Z1000/Z750
    I have just removed a bloody horrible rack off the back of the bike and I want to put some grab handles back on (original ones) or find a suitable blank. Anyone selling any or know where I can get some. I have 1 pair so far in the whole of the internet world in United states! Im in Ilkeston...
  9. z750s swap to z750 naked

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hey guys. I decided to turn my z750s to z750 naked 2007 edition. I placed the z750 2007 gauge but 2 wires were surplus from my old gauge. The yellow (speed sensor supply voltage) and the black/light green (fuel reserve switch). Bike is working fine except couple things. My km/h meter is not...
  10. OPINIONS NEEDED. Throttle cutting in, and out.

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Tonight on my ride home my throttle started to cut out, then surge, cut out then surge again. It kept happening so I pulled the clutch in a bit to even out the highs, and lows. Then it would get slightly better then worse again. It didn't really matter where the throttle was positioned. At...
  11. Z750 Fork Swap with ZX6E Forks Need Help

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hey All Got a Z750 2004 and looking to upgrade the front forks. After a lot of reading and research I found that I can use the ZX6E '97 forks which are cartridge forks in order to upgrade my front. I bought the forks on the bay at a very good price along with the ZX6E axle. Over the weekend I...
  12. Lefa25 z750 Videos

    General Z1000/Z750
    I'll be posting all my future Kawasaki z750 related videos under this topic. Here is the newest one, enjoy! Got a Youtube/Gmail account? Subscribe! And remember to wear proper protective gear and to use your helmet. If you got any questions related to my vids feel free to ask. - lefa25
  13. Airbox mod on a 2012 z750?

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hi Guys, Im new here, nice to meet you all. Ive been looking around the forum and cant find anything regarding modding the airbox for the newer fuel Injection models. I have a 2012 Z750 and am wondering If I could mod the airbox in the same way as the older models. Can this be done with Fuel...
  14. rear brake not working

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    I went to use my rear brake the other day and when I pressed down I had no pressure at all. I thought there might be air in the system but when I went to bleed it I couldn't get any fluid to come out of the bleeder. I don't know whether to suspect the caliper or the master cylinder or...
  15. Introduction and project page from a Dutch rider!

    General Z1000/Z750
    Yo people, My name is Jelte, 22 years old and living in the Netherlands. Still a student, got my bachelor of (industrial) engineering 1,5 year ago, and i'm currently busy with my master degree (Msc) in organization studies. Loads of experience with mopeds, scooters and dirtbikes and started...
  16. starter motor/electrical probs = unreliable starting

    General Z1000/Z750
    Bike (2005 z750s) had been standing for about 18 months but started and run every now and then. Was cranking but not starting so new battery went in yesterday and the bike started and ran fine. Then today running out in the wet weather (here in England) I parked it up and when i tried to start...
  17. 2010 Kawasaki Z750 with riding gear and accessories!!!

    General For Sale / Trade
    Hi guys, Up for sale is my beloved Z750. She is a beautiful machine as you would expect from a Japanese built motorbike. Her ability and love for the twisty and winding mountain roads has excited me and kept the hair standing up on the back of my neck for the past 10 months. The torque and...
  18. 2004 z1000 swingarm in 2004 z750

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hey all, I have found a lot of info on a zx636 arm into a 750, but can not verify if the 1st gen z1000 arm will bolt into a 1st gen z750. Pictures look like the linkage offset on the z1000 arm is on the opposite side, but I thought the frames were interchangable. Can anyone lend a hand? My...
  19. z750 2007 abs 33bhp help

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Hi guys, I have the z750 abs m7f (2007) model. I have had the bike since January 2012 and have had it restricted to 33bhp by the local kawasaki dealers to comply with all the age business as im only 20 and haven been passed long. Basicly upon general maintenance and cleaning of the bike, I have...
  20. Wanted: 05 Z750S Oil Pan

    Z1k/Z750 For Sale/Trade
    My oil pan was cracked from letting a coworker curb my bike. So i just need a replacement. Its for an 05 Z750S. Thanks!