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  1. Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    I have just purchased a H7R HID kit to fit to my ER6F and think that I may have a problem with the fitting. The bulb does not sit in a base like the stock bulbs do, resulting in a loose bulb in the headlight (I haven't left it in). Has anyone else had this problem, or have I chosen the wrong...
  2. Ninja 650R Accessories
    Whats up guys, have any of you ever install a Xenon hid kit? There on ebay from 30-100$. I know there is just the regular HID upgrade, but I ride a lot on the highway and it'd be nice to have some brighter lights. I have replaced the stocks with some sylvania night breakers which helped a lot...
  3. General Z1000/Z750
    I did several searches, but could not find anything on people that have added or changed to HID lights. With my recent crash I figured this is a good time to spend the cash and upgrade the lights. Wondering if anyone has done this and has input. The best/reputable kits I found were about...
1-3 of 3 Results