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  1. Headlight Wiring Question

    Mean Streak Accessories
    Hey, all! I recently replaced the stock headlight with a double spotlight set-up. The problem I've run into is this: After starting the bike - my high-beam indicator light on the dash is *dimly* lit up and the two spotlights are also pushing out hardly any light (if I turn the high-beams on...
  2. Help! LED Turn signal instal

    Mean Streak Accessories
    I just bought a 2002 mean streak and it has broken turn signals. I purchased 4 bullet LED turn signals to replace them. I pulled off the rear fender and removed the bulb after market light (broken) that was in there. The bulb light has a green or grey for left or right where the positive and...
  3. Kawasaki Z1000 '07 HELP!

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Someone obviously tried to steal my bike couple of nights ago, and my bike won't start now. Motor is rolling normally, but it won't start. Computer says error code 35 (immobilizer amplifier error) So I took the head light off and noticed that 2 pair of black wires were hanging out. - 2 black...
  4. LED strip

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    I bought two led strips like this one http://www.ijdmtoy.com/ebay/Ebay/LED_Strip/GW/Audi_A5_LED_Strip_01.jpg and am trying to make my ninja 650r light up at night. I plan to mount under front and rear fender with 3m tape but have no idea how I should connect it to power source and wiring and...
  5. WTB Parts for 06-08 650r red Ninja. Front cowl, headlights, the fairing bracket and +

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    Crashed and basically front part of bike got split in two and went the next day to see the accident area and found my headlights on the floor with pieces missing. I need Front cowl (whatever its called. the thing that holds the headlight in place) Fairing bracket(the metal piece which u attach...