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  1. General Mean Streak
    so I went and took off my plate holder and turn signals, and went with a side mount plate bracket... now im terrified im going to get hit, but I cant seem to find many accessories other then an integrated tail light by TOPZONE. If anyone is running that or got any other options or suggestions...
  2. General Ninja 650R
    I have a 2011 650 and I laid it down at about 40 mph a few weeks ago. Ive been having trouble with the turn signals though. The left rarely comes on, the right works about 10% of the time, and the hazards never come on. the horn and high beams work perfectly so Im having trouble believing that...
  3. General Mean Streak
    06 Mean streak. I have a after market led tail light with integrated turn signals. My problem is the right side of the tail light is lit up yellow, an is constant. If i apply the brake it goes full red but then returns to half yellow as if my turn signal is stuck on. When I put the right blinker...
  4. ZR-7 Maintenance
    So I installed flush mount turn signals just on the rear of my bike, but now when I turn on the left turn it only flashes in the back and it flashes really quick. Any suggestions on what could be causing this? Thanks, Patrick
1-4 of 4 Results