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  1. 3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Finished a 1.5hr drive through the rain and got to the garage. I shut the bike off promptly then decided to move it. I attempted to start the bike ensuring the kill switch wasn’t activated, neutral light on, new battery. The light turned on, fuel pump was working, and..CLICK! The lights and dash...
  2. Other Bikes
    Hey guys, As the title says, my bike's rear brakes aren't working. The front brakes work perfectly fine, but I have noticed that when I press the rear brake pedal I get virtually zero braking force. Something I have also noticed is that when I press the brake pedal there is a hissing, or a...
  3. General Ninja 650R
    I have found this sectionned hause comming out of my gas tank under the seat, it's the left one, was wondering if it's important
1-3 of 3 Results