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  1. FastrackRiders Auto Club Speedway! Aug 30 & 31

    Group Rides & Events
    RECENTLY REDUCED PRICES $189 - Registration for Friday 08/30/2013: click here $229 - Registration for Saturday 08/31/2013: click here There are 3 rider skill levels running at 20 minute sessions. All levels of riders are welcomed. We recommend the riders development school where riders can...
  2. Track day video @ Summit Point 7-29-12

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Stretching the legs of the N1K at SP Shenny circuit, I class. Had just loaded the new map from Ivan before leaving the house. Bike runs like a raped ape. Also took the quiet core out of the Akra for the day & may not put it back, sounds wicked but not too loud IMO. Tried to take past input...