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  1. Dangerously disobedient throttle on Lexmoto ZSB EFI 2019 (Video Footage)

    Other Bikes
    In the video, I have tippexed the throttle so you can see that my throttle control is slight and solid. It does this on the road too, If needs be I can upload footage of it climbing from 24mph to 35mph on a dead level road in gear 2 with 1% throttle twist. For the whole 6 months I have had her...
  2. OPINIONS NEEDED. Throttle cutting in, and out.

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Tonight on my ride home my throttle started to cut out, then surge, cut out then surge again. It kept happening so I pulled the clutch in a bit to even out the highs, and lows. Then it would get slightly better then worse again. It didn't really matter where the throttle was positioned. At...
  3. Fuel switch issue, engine speed issue 03 zr7s

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Just bought my 03 zr-7s, 3000 miles on it. ...it sat for 5 years in a garage. I'm excited to have it!! Issue 1) bike will only run in the prime position. If I set it to on, it will stall out soon after. I'm assuming it's still safe to run the bike... Issue 2) throttle is slow to come down...
  4. Trials and Tribulations

    General Ninja 650R
    So 45 minutes from my home my throttle goes all limp on me splitting through traffic. It can still give the engine throttle information, but there's literally 7/8ths of a turn of play and just a little bit of throttle available. I pull into an abandoned parking lot, decide that whether or not...