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  1. For Sale
    Anyone interested in a full system 2003 Z1000 stock exhaust? The pipes where used for under 100 miles and are in good condition. I can post pic's if needs be. (and if anyone is interested)
  2. For Sale
    -Came off showroom bike immediately after purchase - ~1 mile on it - like new, no damage or wear -PM with best offer ffer
  3. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    I'm looking for the "C" shaped exhaust pipe holder for a 2002 Mean Streak. It is part number 18069-1161...I need four of these. If you have these item, please let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    From my 2008 SE. They are in great shape except for one small spot in the bottom corner. Took one curve a little too tight. Asking $85 shipped.
  5. Z1k/Z750 For Sale/Trade - Archived post.
    replaced my stock mufflers with aftermarket slipons. I am selling the stock mufflers ad is on Kijiji $300 for the pair each oem muffler sells for over $600 each side so good deal if you need to replace a damaged or scratch muffler on a Ninja 1000 2011+ or Z1000 2010+. Location is near Toronto...
  6. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade - archived
    First off - I am posting this as an intermediary for a good friend of mine who doesn't have a history on this forum, so if anyone would like to see pics it will take me a day or two. I would be trading on behalf of my friend a complete BRP Catalyst Street Tail Assembly...
  7. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade - archived
    All of these items I am getting rid of because I now have a motorcycle with a fat tail and an under-tail exhaust system, so nothing fits anymore. Nelson Rigg Spirit-50 Saddlebags: 50.00 + Shipping These bags are pretty good for a set of soft saddlebags. In almost excellent condition, they have...
  8. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade - archived
    Yes, you read correctly. I want to get rid of my Zero Gravity Touring Windscreen and trade it for someone's stock windscreen. Got my first stock screen from a user on this forum but would like to have another one to cut down to a shorty summer screen and like the stock one for that purpose...
  9. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    I have seen that some people for some reason or another like to have some of the stock parts. I have a stock seat and the stock exhaust! mint both where only on the bike long enough for the new parts to come in! will post pics. if anyone is interested
  10. Ninja 650R Accessories
    After buying my Ninja used and riding around for a while, I really started to dislike the aftermarket Zero G Touring windscreen it came with, as it caused quite a lot of buffeting around the head and pushed a lot of air right onto my neck and into my helmet (not the most comfortable when the...
  11. Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    I read somewhere on the forums once that someone took a baffle out of their stock exhaust. Call me a n00b but I thought stock exhausts were made to be quiet so there wouldn't be a baffle on it but I peeked into my exhaust yesterday and it looked like there was a smaller pipe inside that could...
1-11 of 11 Results