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starting issues

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  1. General ZR-7
    I have a 2003 Zr7S UK model, had from new but only done 1300 mile, used for 12 months then sat there under cover until now, completly stock model, no mods at all. I've done all the usual, new plugs, cleaned the carbs, checked cleaned the jets etc, new battery. The bike does start with the...
  2. General Ninja 650R
    so I picked up my 2012 ninja 650 this weekend from my uncle. he said he just recently put a new battery in it. looks new and was starting fine every time I went to start it. so I rode about an hour stopped and got gas, still running fine and starting. i did notice the first night of riding that...
  3. 3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Want to know if anyone had their bike cold start just fine and after riding for about 10 minutes then stop, the bike will turn over all day without starting until I give it throttle. Frustrated as hell:blxsuspic
  4. General Ninja 250R
    I bought this bike about a month ago, been riding to and from work and I came out of the store one day and it wouldnt start. Ive only gone 65 miles since i last topped off and i barely had half a tank, found out it was leaking gas and my carb is filthy on the outside. I've found a few lines that...
  5. ZR-7 Maintenance
    So I recently purchased my first bike. A 2003 ZR7S with 2100 miles on it. When I was shopping I found a yellow one, same year with 29000 miles on it that I LOVED but got sold to the guy that stopped by his house about an hour before I got there. (His house was about 90 miles from mine) A couple...
  6. General Bandit Chat
    I bought my bandit about 7 months ago and have ridden it only a handful of times. Here's the problem and hopefully someone can help me out because I'm at a loss. It cranks, but *rarely* starts. When it does start, sometimes it idles at 4,000 rpms, sometimes it idles at 1,400 rpms, but it never...
  7. General Ninja 650R
    I just bought a 2008 650R about a month ago, it has 14000 miles on it and seems to be running great! however it rained here lastnight and my bike was out all night without a cover on so this morning I go out to get something outta my car and I notice my bike making a noise... it sounds like the...
1-7 of 7 Results