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  1. Need new chain & sprocket kit for wheelies

    Ninja 300 Forum
    NINJA 300 STUNT BIKE: I haven't been able to find much information anywhere regarding what the best sprocket kit would be for my 2015 Ninja 300. I'm currently running the stock sprockets (14/42). Basically i want to be able to clutch up wheelies with more ease. What i need to know is if i...
  2. 18 Tooth Front 37 Tooth Rear +2 / -1 Highway Gearing

    ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I picked up my 2001 ZR7s with 15k on it about a month ago. When I bought it I didn't know it was a 5 speed. Not that it really mattered, I was on a limited budget and got the bike for 1200. I've put about 300 in it to get it set up to my likings, which...
  3. high pitched noise?

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    so i changed out the chain and sprocket cause the chain was worn so i changed the sprockets too. well now i have this high pitched buzzing like noise that wont go away. the bike runs fine and shifts fine. people say its probably cause it's just a new chain and just needs to be broken in. i...
  4. sprocket changes... some thoughts

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    I'm just wondering. one of the most done changes to the bikes we ride is changing the front sprocket to a 17 tooth. from 16. I've taken the liberty to list some variable options below and am curious what the thoughts are on this. 16/38 is 0,421052632 17/38 is 0,447368421 16/37 is 0,432432432...
  5. Sprocket "Upgrade"

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    I've searched around for more info on this, but I didn't find a lot of definitive options. I'm going to be changing out my sprockets and chain soon. I generally try to upgrade from stock whenever I have to change out parts for maintenance. I already have a chain and the front sprocket, but I've...