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  1. General Mean Streak
    Hey guys I have the clymers manual for my bike. Soon going to start the process of swapping out cranks and rebuilding up from there. Is there much difference in the clymers and the OEM Kawasaki manual? And does anybody have a digital version of the manual? Trying to save the 65$ And would be...
  2. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Does anyone happen to have a PDF of the 2015 Ninja 650 ABS service manual? I can't seem to find the exact year manual for my bike elsewhere.
  3. Cruiser Corner
    I am new to the Kawasaki brand and I am trying to see if there are any pdf. service manuals available for my bike. I have questions like choke will not stay pulled out is there and adjustment? It feels like it is under spring tension when its pulled bike will start and run if I hold choke out...
  4. Mean Streak Maintenance
    I am looking to get a service manual for the Kawasaki 650 twin, anyone know where could get recent one online?
1-4 of 4 Results