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  1. For Sale
    GRRRRRRRR!!!!! My misfortune is your gain. I just ordered some beautiful Scorpion Carbon Fiber Slip Ons. I drooled all over myself as I opened them up and started to mount them and realized they were not going to fit my Akrapovic header system. If you guys ran across my post about adding an...
  2. For Sale
    Everything here is sold -- look for more things to be posted soon!!
  3. For Sale
    $50...This jacket has a removeable wind liner and thermal liner. It's a great summer jacket and winter coat. It also has elbow and spinal armour. I bought a new bike and my wife said I had to get a jacket to match lol. I ended up buying the exact same jacket in blue. I'm 5'7" and weigh around...
  4. Riding Gear
    I am currently looking at replacing my HJC CS-R2 due to incorrect fitment. When purchasing this helmet initially, I knew HJC was a brand I liked because its the only brand helmet I've used on my four wheeler. However after riding for a couple of months and reading/researching a TON, I realize...
  5. General Ninja 650R
    I just bought a Scorpion Slip-on for my 2007 650r, and quite frankly I'm disappointed with the loudness (sounds great, but not much louder than the stock). I read a lot of reviews with people saying it was too loud, like to the point where they decided to take it off. It doesn't seem that loud...
1-5 of 5 Results