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rough idle

  1. 2015 650 Rough/Unsteady Idle

    General Ninja 650R
    From a completely cold start, the bike will do a high idle of around 2k RPM, which seems normal to me. And will then after a few miles/once warm drop down to about 1300 RPM, where it's supposed to be, with just slight flickers in the RPMs and needle. But, where it really bothers me is when the...
  2. new paint and all aound tune up ... lots of new problems ???

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    ok so this past winter i stripped down the bike for paint ( including tank removal ) i also tuned her up ( new oils coolant air filter etc )... i put her back together today and now she runs rough, stutters when i snap the throttle, missfiring and this really loud ticking sound from the motor...