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  1. First Gen Ninja, Jardine GP-1 Exhaust Repack / Paint Stripping

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Quick Repacking Guide for Gen 1 Ninja 650R and Jardine GP-1 Exhaust. Also decided to add in some pictures of stripping the paint off the pipe because it was starting to wear itself away. Tools Needed: Drill w/bits strong enough to drill through Stainless Steel rivets, 5mm Rivets, Rivet Gun...
  2. Ixil repack

    Z1K/Z750 Accessories
    Has anyone here repacked an Ixil muffler? How often would I need to do it? What're they filled with? If it matters, I've got the oval can in stainless steel (Xtrem Inox, I think it's called).