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  1. Coolant reservoir empty

    General Mean Streak
    I just bought a 2008 meanie last friday (my first bike). Went for a couple of small rides but waiting for my appointment at the shop for a big checkup before i go too far, checked the oils everytime. But...stupid me never checked/knew about the coolant reservoir under the seat. Today while...
  2. OEM Kawasaki Radiators

    General For Sale / Trade
    Come directly and browse, if we don't have what you require, get in touch and we can source the right parts for you. https://buyanypart.co.uk/search?query=kawasaki%20radiator https://buyanypart.co.uk/contact
  3. Ninja 2008 650R Problems, Help please

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hey guys, last year i bought a 650r Ninja with about 18,000 miles on it. Got a great deal on it, two brothers racing exhaust and partial carbon fiber ferring. The long story short, i rode the bike and put 3k on it and it was very very reliable. I was pretty impressed. I put the bike in storage...
  4. 2007 Kawasaki 650R Radiator Fan

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Question: I just bought my bike and the radiator fan doesn't turn on. I know some bikes fans turn on after the bike reaches a certain temp. I just want to know if the 650r is one of them and how I can make sure that the fan is still functional. Thank you
  5. Radiator fan

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Was wondering if anyone on here has put their radiator fan on a switch. Some guys I ride with have that done on their bikes. Wouldn't mind doing that for mine. They spliced into it so that the ECU could still turn the fan on and off but also they can do it themselves while letting it sit. I also...
  6. Silicone coolant hoses, worth it?

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Hey all, It has been a while since i have posted here. Work will be keeping me very busy for this riding season and then the cafe racer project will be back on. I took the bike out of winter storage today. winters here are VERY COLD. we are talking lows down to -25f ish and the month of Feb...
  7. WTB: 1st gen RADIATOR

    Z1k/Z750 For Sale/Trade
    Somehow I got a leak in my radiator and now I need to get a new one... not sure if it can be fixed or not as it is leaking in the in the middle in one of the cooling channels (or whatever they are called) that runs from side to side. HELP ANYONE ???
  8. Dave Davis Fairiing?

    Mean Streak Accessories
    I was looking over the "Post Pics of Your Bike" section and checking out all the sweet mods everyone has done. I came across a Fairing/radiator shroud that I absolutely want to get. It's made by Dave Davis. Does anyone know how much they might cost or where I can get one? I just upgraded from a...