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  1. ZR-7 Accessories
    Does anyone out there have a Givi rack (not the Givi monorack arm system) for panniers and top box fitted to their bike? Givi don't make them any more for the ZR-7, and I've just managed to buy one from ebay. Unfortunately there are no bolts that came with it (or instructions) and it looks like...
  2. For Sale
    Looking for back rest for 82' Kawasaki kz1100 Spectre or information on where to find one or other models compatible with this one. There are none currently on eBay. Please PM me with any info. Thanks in advance, Bill.
  3. ZR-7 Accessories
    I've been looking to add hard luggage to my zr-7s (specifically, a top case). I've looked at some givi top cases and givi racks but am still undecided. Are there any other brands of top cases and racks out there for the zr-7? I'm also curious about the handling of the bike with the topcase on...
1-3 of 3 Results