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  1. Z750 2006 gear jumps back after downshift

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hello guys! I recently bought a 2006 z750 with 70k kms on it, and it's a wonderful machine. But I found a very disturbing problem. Sometimes when I downshift(especially from 6,5,4) it gets in to the lower gear for a moment, and then jumps back from where I started. Sometimes it even jumps out to...
  2. Help needed with gsf 600 (2001) carburetor

    General Bandit Chat
    Hello all, to give you a bit of background my bandit was sitting for a couple of years after discovering that the exhaust collector had completely corroded and didn't know what to do with it. I have now fixed the exhaust system. Once the bike was running again, the engine felt rough and one of...
  3. Does your bike turn easy? (an unconventional alternative.) + write up on Comndr II

    General Ninja 650R
    Hello all, before I get in depth about this, I want to ask if there is a way to lessen how easy it is to turn the bike. I can turn the bike too easily with the new tires on it, which means sometimes I slightly over steer the bike. I have heard people say to raise the bars on the front strut...
  4. Engine light on 2013 Ninja 650

    General Ninja 650R
    Sooooo my engine light keeps coming on when ever I get on my throttle or engine break at high speeds (let off my throttle). I have geared down my front sprocket by 2 teeth and my speedometer isn't working correctly. (works when it wants but lately it says I'm not going any speed) Could it be my...
  5. Brake issue

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hey guys! I'm new here, and I just got a ZR-7. I've been putting some work into it, and noticed that the right fork was leaking, no problem I fixed it. Now here's where the problem arises: as I was putting the wheel back on and the calipers had closed slightly, so I pushed them apart, it was a...
  6. Rear Turn Signal Problem

    General Mean Streak
    06 Mean streak. I have a after market led tail light with integrated turn signals. My problem is the right side of the tail light is lit up yellow, an is constant. If i apply the brake it goes full red but then returns to half yellow as if my turn signal is stuck on. When I put the right blinker...
  7. Integrated LED Tail Light Install (Need Help)

    ZR-7 Accessories
    I bought THIS integrated light off of Ebay so I could finally finish my "all LED conversion" I was doing and get rid of the ugly stock turn signals in the process. It seemed to be well reviewed by previous purchasers on both amazon and Ebay so I dove. The running light and Brake light work...

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    So i have a 2003 z1000 with around 26,600 miles been running great since i got the bike a few months ago. all the sudden the other day after riding for about 40 mins or so, the bike stuttered like i let of the throttle and then just died like it was out of gas. the fi light came on and stayed on...
  9. 2000 ZR-7 possible gear problem

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hey I was wondering if anybody could help with my problem and maybe some suggestions in how to fix it... Bike starts fine then I shift into first and let out on the clutch but the bike won't move... Tried shifting into second but it only goes into neutral... I haven't taken anything apart yet to...