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  1. For Sale
    Anyone interested in a full system 2003 Z1000 stock exhaust? The pipes where used for under 100 miles and are in good condition. I can post pic's if needs be. (and if anyone is interested)
  2. General Ninja 650R
    I just really wonder if it would fit. I really like the way the new stock exhaust looks and would like to add it to my 2010. Has anyone tried this? Here are some pictures. 09-11 12-13
  3. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    I'm looking for the "C" shaped exhaust pipe holder for a 2002 Mean Streak. It is part number 18069-1161...I need four of these. If you have these item, please let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Just looking for advice on some good pipes to purchase. Planning on installing new exhaust, air filters, and a PCIII when I get some cash(stock pipes sound sooooo lame). What are some of the best pipes? Also, I can't find hardly any black ones out there (besides a few straights from HK). I was...
1-4 of 4 Results