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  1. Extend swingarm 3-4 inches iso. 2006

    General Z1000/Z750
    Need to know where I can find an extended swingarm that's about 3-4 inches. For drag racing I appreciate your opinions but Its for drag racing and that's it. I have a 2006. I've been seeing 2003 swing arms but dont know if itll bolt up to 2006. And as well wanna lower the bike about 2 inches. As...
  2. 18 Tooth Front 37 Tooth Rear +2 / -1 Highway Gearing

    ZR-7 Performance Upgrades
    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I picked up my 2001 ZR7s with 15k on it about a month ago. When I bought it I didn't know it was a 5 speed. Not that it really mattered, I was on a limited budget and got the bike for 1200. I've put about 300 in it to get it set up to my likings, which...
  3. 2003-2006 FULL Muzzy system

    General For Sale / Trade
    For Sale, full Muzzy 4 into 1 system with only 1850 miles on it. No issues at all, it has one minor scratch and one minor scuff. Never laid down and sounds amazing. Only reason I'm selling is I decided to go to a 4 to 2 system. Thanks for looking! Pm me with questions/ offers Asking $370...
  4. calling all tornado and forcewinder intake owners!!!

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I love the looks of the round tornado intake more than the square intake with the forcewinder. But I love the forcewinder filter more than the tornado filter lol. Can you give me measurements? Will the forcewinder filter fit on the tornado intake? The tornado intake is a 3 inch tube I THINK but...
  5. do I really need a tuner?

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I'm seriously looking at the thunder hypercharger for my 2002 meanie. I hear their mounting bracket keeps it a lot closer to the engine so it doesn't stick out much. For an upgrade like this how much do I really need a tuner? I have pipes but that's it. If I need one what's the best choice...
  6. need help with ninja 650 upgrades please

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    bought a 2012 ninja 650. its all green and all stock. i want to upgrade the performace and appearance. mind helping me out with a list of upgrades? also a big thing is that it tops at 125 so any upgrades that will increase top speed? thanks everyone!
  7. Intake length effect on performance

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Remember when Paul and I developed the BadA$$ intake for the Mean Streak, we intentionally lengthened the intake throttle body length to improve flow and enhance the low-mid range? Well, it seems the V2K engineers didn't let this concept escape them when developing the stock V2K intake setup...
  8. Bandit 1200 perforance

    General Bandit Chat
    Ok... There's a video on YouTube that has a guy at track days with his friend. In the video he states that him and his buddy have equal riding skill but his friend is on a gsxr1000 and he is on the bandit 1200. Now in the video they lead change a few times but the bandit ends up holding the lead...
  9. BMC air filter

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    BMC air filter-price lowered I have a slightly used ( one 30 minute ride) BMC air filter for the Ninja 650R's. Put this in and then a friend sold his 650R which had a DNA filter in it. He removed it and sold it to me for cheap so I have my extra BMC sitting around now. Purchased this just a...
  10. Yoshimura pipe

    General ZR-7
    does anyone know where I can find one, or have one that there trying to get rid I cant find one anywhere