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  1. General Mean Streak
    Is member ScotClayton. Those of you that have been here for a while will likely remember her. Paul and I delivered her this afternoon. Scot knows more about bikes than I do but it's his first Mean Streak.
  2. General Ninja 650R
    I saw someone who painted the tread on their tire on a youtube video one day and decided to give it a try. I really like the look of it, and get compliments on it all the time now. It adds a whole different look to the bike that most people do not have. Plus it makes me more a little more...
  3. Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hey all. I'll upload pictures later tonight. But on my 09 ER6N I have finally replaced those "bug antenea" mirrors. Also, the rear grab bars, all four footrests, and all lower controls are now plasti-dipped black. It looks great! All the attention is brought upward on the bike, focusing on the...
  4. Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hello everyone, I just bought a 11' 650R Black my goals in the near future are to paint the rims the same color as my helmet/jacket (Neon yellow)...
  5. 3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    It might just be me, but I'm not really liking the lack of selection of colors for the new Ninja 1000. In fact, right now the only thing that's really keeping me from trading in my Ninja 650R to the Ninja 1000 is the fact that they don't have one in blue. Let's rectify that. Some new color...
  6. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hey all, I picked up a used ninja 650r for a song from a local dealer near Sacramento. However, somehow (and I really don't understand how) the frame was scratched into the silver paint to the black below, right about where the knees would touch the frame if it were possible they could. In any...
1-6 of 6 Results