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oil leak

  1. Top oil leak...from where?

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Hi everyone. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I have a top right side oil leak coming from the back of the motor (I think that's stated correctly), and I was hoping to get some suggestions (with detailed instructions/pics) on how to trace it down and find/fix it. I don't have much...
  2. Oil leaking from air box.

    General ZR-7
    Recently got my 2000 ZR7 back on the road after parking due to a back injury. New tires, valve adjustment, rebuilt carbs, oil & filters, all general maintenance. 16k miles. Runs great, still love it. However it is dripping quite a bit of oil from the bottom corner of the air box, about a 6 inch...
  3. Rear Braking after Oil Problem

    General Ninja 650R
    Had oil all over rear of 2009 650R after oil filler plug vibrated loose 450 miles from home. Used socket with hex bit to plug hole and held in place with duck tape on the ride home on Sunday. Still leaked but slower. Anyway, got bike all cleaned up and used brake cleaner on the rear brake pads...
  4. Oil leak? Should I worry??

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    Pulled radiator today after work, one of the mounting posts must have a pinhole leak. I noticed some oil coming from my back cylinder, up near the top and running back to my exhaust. Also found the valley between the cylinders has some oil in it? Any ideas, recently changed oil, now that is on...
  5. Oil Seepage Near Airbox and Carbs?

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    I seem to have some sort of oil seepage coming from around a bolt somewhere in front of the air filter and what appears to be under the carbs. I cannot pinpoint exactly where it is coming from, but I notice drips of oil on the top of the crank/transmission under the carbs. Anyone know what...
  6. Oil leak:

    General Bandit Chat
    Hello everybody. Two week s ago I got a used 97 Bandit 600. The first thing I noticed was a scratch on the left side engine cover and the guy told me that the bike has fallen once but the damage was just cosmetic since the crash guard took most of the blow. Well for the last few days the bike...