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  1. General Z1000/Z750
    Good Day All! I recently bought a completely rebuilt Gen 1 2004 Z1000. The previous owner told me to just use conventional 10W-40. Personally, I would much rather switch to full synthetic oil. Is it safe to do this? Are there any known problems that could be caused by changing the oil...
  2. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hi all, Sorry to bring up such a boring subject, but my first oil change on the 2015 Ninja 650 I bought this year is coming up and I wanted to get people's opinions. My owner's manual says to change every 7,500 miles, but it doesn't specify whether that number is for conventional or synthetic...
  3. 3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Is it better to flush the engine oil before putting the bike away for 5 months or just before the the season next April? Something about not wanting to carry deposits in the engine for an extended period of time. Myth or fact? Thoughts please.
  4. General ZR-7
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and just picked up my red 2001 ZR-7s about 3 weeks ago. These forums have already been a huge help with the little bit of work I've done to the bike so far, so thank you all!! So I've run into a small dilemma that I'm wondering if any of you have ever dealt with...
  5. Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    i carried out my annual oil change and now the oil light stays on, is it just a case of leaving the engine to run for longer? id hate to do any damage
  6. General Ninja 650R
    Hey guys, I purchased my bike (Kwasaki Ninja 650r 2009) two weeks ago and I have been riding it almost everyday. I have around 200 miles on it now and I decided to change my oil last night as I read on a lot of forums that people change it around 150-200 and then again at 600. I decited to be...
1-6 of 6 Results