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  1. high pitched noise?

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    so i changed out the chain and sprocket cause the chain was worn so i changed the sprockets too. well now i have this high pitched buzzing like noise that wont go away. the bike runs fine and shifts fine. people say its probably cause it's just a new chain and just needs to be broken in. i...
  2. Chain.. or Some other Noise 2012 Ninja650

    General Ninja 650R
    Just want to start by saying, Love this forum you guys post so much useful information!!:notworthy I bought a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650r earlier this month: Used 3500 Miles Never Downed 1 Rider Owned - The guy really liked to keep things by the book, the bike is in amazing condition. I had been...
  3. clucnking noise when in neutral

    Daily Ride
    i just bought a 1991 ZZr250 for my first bike and because i haven't got my license yet i got my brother to ride it home for me and it went fine without any abnormalities. two days later we took it for a run around the block and found that when its in neutral it makes a heavy clunking noise but...
  4. Cam chain extenders 15 + shipping (polished stainless)

    Mean Streak For Sale/Trade
    Paul Fuller, of bada$$intakes.com/Fuller CNC, has been gracious enough to make some quality cam chain extenders for us budget-minded Mean Streak owners. He made 32 sets. These are made from stainless steel then polished. That may not seem too important but when Conmar was at the Heart of...
  5. Loud clutch noise when downshifted

    3rd Gen Z1000/Z1000SX/Ninja 1000
    Hey everyone, somethings been bothering me all day today after taking my 2010 z1000 out for a ride. the bike only has about 800 miles on it and ive just done an oil change. while doing about 45 mph, i shifted the gears to neutral just so i could roll into an upcoming light. The light turned...
  6. Exhaust help

    Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Just looking for advice on some good pipes to purchase. Planning on installing new exhaust, air filters, and a PCIII when I get some cash(stock pipes sound sooooo lame). What are some of the best pipes? Also, I can't find hardly any black ones out there (besides a few straights from HK). I was...
  7. Longshots too loud? Try this baffle

    General Mean Streak
    04 MS with V&H Longshots has the stock non-wrapped baffles in, sounds great but my ears would be ringing after a long ride and I don't like earplugs on the road. V&H doesn't recommend the fiberglass wrapped baffles on this pipe cuz it'll blue. I ended up trying some baffles from Smartpartz...
  8. new paint and all aound tune up ... lots of new problems ???

    Mean Streak Maintenance
    ok so this past winter i stripped down the bike for paint ( including tank removal ) i also tuned her up ( new oils coolant air filter etc )... i put her back together today and now she runs rough, stutters when i snap the throttle, missfiring and this really loud ticking sound from the motor...
  9. Strange tranmission noise

    Z1K/Z750 Maintenance
    Hi, everybody I am a new owner of a z750 04 14000 km. Last weekend while I was riding, I heard an acute noise probably coming from the tranmission but this sound is not very loud just enough to heard it thru the helmet on the highway :confuse: It's louder when I accelerate but still present...