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ninja 650

  1. Clunky noise shifting in first and second gear

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hello everyone I am new here and new rides also , I have ninja 650 (2019) and I have issues with clunk noise when I put from neutral to first gear ,and same thing happens in 2nd gear, all other gears when I shift not making any noise,also down shifting is smooth no noise. Other wise bike runs...
  2. 2015 kawasaki ninja 650 stator cover

    General Ninja 650R
    Hey guys just got on here was wondering if anybody knows the approx. Cost to replace the engine stator cover? Its a 2015 ninja 650.
  3. 2015 650 Rough/Unsteady Idle

    General Ninja 650R
    From a completely cold start, the bike will do a high idle of around 2k RPM, which seems normal to me. And will then after a few miles/once warm drop down to about 1300 RPM, where it's supposed to be, with just slight flickers in the RPMs and needle. But, where it really bothers me is when the...
  4. 2019 Ninja 650 backfires through intake

    General Ninja 650R
    I have a 2019 Ninja 650 that is completely stock with 2K miles and I have been having issues with it backfiring through the air box. It seems to happen more frequently when I downshift and engine brake and then slowly get on the gas. It then "pops" through the air box and hesitates. This has...
  5. Oil Change Interval

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hi all, Sorry to bring up such a boring subject, but my first oil change on the 2015 Ninja 650 I bought this year is coming up and I wanted to get people's opinions. My owner's manual says to change every 7,500 miles, but it doesn't specify whether that number is for conventional or synthetic...
  6. 2015 Ninja 650 Service Manual

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Does anyone happen to have a PDF of the 2015 Ninja 650 ABS service manual? I can't seem to find the exact year manual for my bike elsewhere.
  7. Service questions

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    So im reaching up right around 4k miles on a 2016 650. Plan to change the oil Using Valvoline 10w40 Full synthetic and K&N Filter (#303, I believe thats the right one) Then to clean and lube the chain. Sadly I was not able to see if the previous owner had a owners/service manual for the bike. Is...
  8. Worst Motovlogger on YouTube - Ninja 650

    General Ninja 650R
    Hello everyone at RF.COM and Moderators. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day. I'm so glad to see a ninja 650 dedicated section on a forum. With that all said. -I am 20 years old -I live in Pennsylvania -I started riding on a 07' 650 in Dec. of 2014. -I try to ride everyday, even in 30...
  9. 2016 Ninja 650 with rattle at 4k and 8k RPMs

    General Ninja 650R
    Hi All, This is my first post here. I bought a new 2016 Ninja 650 four months ago as my first bike and it has been a blast! Best decisions I've ever made to get into motorcycling. Very satisfying! The one issue that's been plaguing me is the rattle I hear at 4K and 8K RPM. No matter...
  10. Denali SoundBOMB 120dB Horn on NINJA 650?

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 650 and I really want to upgrade the stock horn to something else. I have been looking at the Denali SoundBOMB 120dB Horn. I am new to motorcycle so I am uncertain if this part will fit on the bike. Looking at the fairing, I do not think it will fit on...
  11. Kickstand Engine Kill issue

    Daily Ride
    I've got a 2006 Ninja650, for as long as I've owned the bike when I've put down the kickstand the engine would shut off (assuming the bike wasn't in neutral). A couple of days ago this just stopped being the case. Now when I engage the kickstand I also have to hit the kill engine switch for the...
  12. 2012 ninja 650r - Need help, not sure whats wrong

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    I recently purchased my 650r off of craigslist. The bike ran great for a few weeks with myself toying around on it. The gas cap does not open on the bike as it is "frozen," and when the bike is completely off it makes a hissing noise. After a few days of making this noise I attempted to start...
  13. 2006 Ninja 650r --- Runs but is in pretty bad shape --- What should I sell it for?

    General Ninja 650R
    Hey Guys, So I got an 06 650r thats got a good motor with 14,000 miles and runs great... But the bike went through an electrical fire (I stupidly left a charging LiPo battery on the subframe) which burned all the tail plastics and ruined most of the electrical from the tank back... I replaced...
  14. Aftermarket exhaust

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    Anyone have any aftermarket exhausts up for grabs? I want to upgrade my system but do t wanna spend $700 to do so. If anyone has anything lmk, I have a 2014 ninja 650
  15. Steering damper on 2014 ninja 650?

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Wondering if anyone has tackled this one. From what I've read you'd have to make a custom bracket and go with a universal damper. Just wondering if anyone has done this mod and how they went about doing so!
  16. Fairing swap or possible fairing modification?

    General Ninja 650R
    Hey all, I want to put clip ons on my 2014 ninja 650, and I'm wondering if anyone has done it or something similar. I understand there may be some complications such as clearance issues regarding either the tank or the front fairing or even both. If you have done something like this or know of...
  17. 2008 ninja 650r 30k miles

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    I bought my bike about 4 months ago. I just hit 30k mile, im curious if there is anything that should/ should have been done to the bike with that high of miles. this is my first bike so im fairly new, I can do all the simple work, oil, chain, filter, and brakes with help. but is there anything...
  18. New Rider: Ninja 650r Maintenance

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    New rider here! I picked up a 2006 650r with 16,000mi from my buddy. I love the bike and have done about 75 miles on it so far. Its been sitting in his garage for 1.5 years and needs new brake pads and fluid change. Anything else that I should be inspecting, replacing, keeping a close eye...
  19. laggy pickup problems?

    Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Hello guys i have an er6n which i bought 5 months back..it has run 6000kms as of now ...lately i have experienced a lag in opening of throttle and the development of torque , a lag which wasnt there before , that is to say when i open throttle a bit fast the rpm shoots then comes down a...
  20. Soon to be Rider in Monterey, CA!

    The Training Ground - New Riders!
    Hey, everybody! I'm currently in Ft. Huachuca, AZ. I am just awaiting my PCS to Monterey, CA to purchase my first bike. I decided on the 2016 Ninja 650. Anybody from the area have any recommendations on where to go and who to talk to get get the best, most reputable service? Also, if anybody has...