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  1. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    Sorry if this is a newbie question but I just got my first motorcycle (2022 ninja 650) and I was just tightening my chain for the first time and I was curious if you’re suppose to hold one side of the axle nut and tighten the other to specified torque and be done with it. Or do you tighten one...
  2. General Ninja 650R
    The motor is cutting off by closing the switch and open it . It's running good for a few miles and then it is happening again . If i repeat and close the switch again and then open it its riding good for a few miles .. what can be the problem? Help please
  3. General Mean Streak
    Might anybody know where I could find mean streak hats, shirts, or clothing?
  4. Riding Gear
    I have to travel a lot on my motorcycle due to my job. I had a helmet before, but somebody stole it last week, I am planning to buy a new helmet. I have seen some of the Full Face Helmets, but I am confused between Scorpion R420 and HJC 70 ST, I found both amusing, but still, I have to buy one...
  5. Daily Ride
    Here is Onboard on a street ride on a public road what do you guys think about it?
  6. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade - archived
    I have a 2007 Ninja 650r with 29,949 miles on it. The bike is in near perfect condition. It has some minor scratches on the tail, but has never been dropped. Mods include: -Arrow Slip-On Exhaust -Frame Sliders -Rear Axle Sliders -Aftermarket Tail-Kit -eBay levers -heated grips All stock parts...
  7. Riding Gear
    Just found out about the Skully Ar-1 Helmet a bit ago. I am a bit blown away by the features that come on this helmet, but it seems like it is getting a lot of hate. Curious what everyones thoughts are on the helmet?
  8. General Ninja 650R
    Hi All! I'm been looking for my first bike and stumbled upon a blue 2007 Ninja 650R with 9000 miles. The owner posted it for $4K. It has new headlights, Yoshimura exhaust and Zero Gravity Double Bubble Screen. I don't think these add-ons really mattered but I thought I should include that info...
  9. General Mean Streak
    Just made a new group page on Facebook called everything motorcycle!!! Join and post. https://m.facebook.com/groups/200655680086706?ref=bookmark&__user=100000225598212
  10. Daily Ride
    I'm looking to make a purchase on a 2009 Ninja 650R with roughly 9,000 Miles on it, in-between good-excellent condition, and minimal modifications (fender eliminator etc) I realize the price depends on a lot of different variables (location, season, market) but I was wondering if ya'll could...
  11. The Training Ground - New Riders!
    Hello! I am Mench, a new member here and a new rider. It was just recently that I learned how to ride a bike. I just want to say hi to every one! I am glad to be here. I am hoping to have a great time with you.. :cool:
  12. For Sale
    Looking to possibly sell my bike if the offers right. PM me with an offer if you are interested, thanks. 2001 Kawasaki ZR-7S: Rear Fender eliminated Muzzy exhaust Flush mount turn signals on rear Pirelli rear tire Blue/Orange/Black paint scheme 28k miles Starts right away $2000 Location...
1-12 of 13 Results