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  1. 2015 Z1000 Mods

    General Z1000/Z750
    Put on some mods, figured I'd Share Bike is a 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 in green. First the parts: Driven D-Axis bar end mirrors Bar end adapters, I ended up not using these. They were for a hollow bar end. Removing the rubber gaskets revealed the bolt was a 6mm. The bike takes a 8mm...
  2. Just got a 1st gen! Lots of questions

    General Z1000/Z750
    Hello all, new guy here, but I have been lurking ever since I got my ZR-7 last year. I just picked up a 2004 Z1000 this past month. It has tons of mods, and came with bags full of 636 goodies. I'm sure one of the previous owners has posted pics of it on here, it has a custom Prius-blue paint...
  3. help noob with n1k mods (gearing/sprockets, sliders, rear tire, hids?)

    Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades
    Hello, I'd like some help picking out some mods for my bike. My first post, so maybe a little about me. I bought a ninja 300 last year and rode it about 3,000 miles over the summer and really liked riding. But I was curious as to what a little more power would be like. So I got on...
  4. need help with ninja 650 upgrades please

    Ninja 650R Performance Upgrades
    bought a 2012 ninja 650. its all green and all stock. i want to upgrade the performace and appearance. mind helping me out with a list of upgrades? also a big thing is that it tops at 125 so any upgrades that will increase top speed? thanks everyone!
  5. Mirrors with integrated signals

    Ninja 650R Accessories
    Hi all, Been lurking for a couple of years but only just decided to get an account ;) I have a 2012 Ninja 650 and while I love the bike, I'm sick of the mirrors - I find them too small. I have been wanting to upgrade them for a while, and have always thought that while I'm at it, I may as...
  6. Would a 12-13 stock exhaust fit on a 09-11? (Pics)

    General Ninja 650R
    I just really wonder if it would fit. I really like the way the new stock exhaust looks and would like to add it to my 2010. Has anyone tried this? Here are some pictures. 09-11 12-13
  7. 2012 ninja 650 parts ebay

    Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade
    What do we think of the parts out of hong kong, a seller called motoparts? Reliable??