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  1. Ninja 650R Accessories
    I recently purchased the 2015 ninja 650. Having trouble locating modifications for it because I assume its a new model. But I need to get rid of the rear fender. It ruins the whole bike in my opinion. Also will be looking to upgrade exhaust system. Pros and cons of slip on vs full system. Also...
  2. General Ninja 650R
    Hello all! Looking for some help here. I have started my first naked modifications on my 650r I took off all the fairings but I have one problem.... My turn signals were attached to them, thus I have no turn signals on either side of my bike I don't know of any watch to re attach them without...
  3. Ninja 650R Maintenance
    I just recently got into motorycles and I'm loving it but I have a muscle disorder called CMT that weakens muscles in my feet. Because of this, I don't really have a good lift with my foot in order to shift so I compensate by simply lifting my leg to change gears. It looks funny, trust me. My...
  4. Ninja 650R For Sale/Trade - archived
    What do we think of the parts out of hong kong, a seller called motoparts? Reliable??
1-4 of 4 Results