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  1. Stumble, hesistation, misfire at low load / low RPM

    General Ninja 650R
    Hello new friends, please help me get my daily commuter back on the road! As the title says, I have a stumble/hesitation/misfire at low RPM (1,500 - 3,500) under light load. E.g., when accelerating gently from a stop, or when maintaining speed through a corner. It's very unnerving and...
  2. Misfire from 2000 rpm to 4000 rpm but not using 1/8th throttle or less

    ZR-7 Maintenance
    Hi guys I've been perusing the threads and you guys (if most of you are still here) certainly know your stuff! Regrettably I have hit a brick wall (metaphorically speaking) and need your help. Quick summary: Bought 2002 bike with 41000 Km's that had been well looked after but sat for last 6...