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  1. Cruiser Corner
    I have a 125cc suzuki marauder since I was 16 when I first started learning to ride it was brilliant to ride for a couple of years when I was learning but since then it's been sitting in the garage for around 5 years. Id love to get her back on the road and am considering swapping the engine...
  2. Mean Streak Accessories
    Anybody have any leads on integrated taillight? See some Chinese posters on eBay....but $55 bucks and 3 day return policy doesnt exactly install any trust with me. I had Clear Alternatives brand for my old 04 Volusia and worked like a charm...just can't find anything for 1600 marauder. Never...
  3. Mean Streak Accessories
    I've been keeping my eyes out for a new headlight for the Meanie. Found this on Amazon, thought others might like it seeing as it's a pretty good price for a 6 3/4 lamp. 6 3/4 Custom Chrome Headlight Does anyone have any experience finding Marauder or M95 headlights? I consider myself an...
1-3 of 3 Results