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  1. ZR-7 Maintenance
    Alright, I'll start off by saying that the ZR7 modifications are complete. Everything is functionnal, put new carbs in the bike to replace the troublesome old carbs that were repaired without much knowledge it seems by a previous owner. I cleaned every orifice in the new carbs, they are...
  2. Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I love the looks of the round tornado intake more than the square intake with the forcewinder. But I love the forcewinder filter more than the tornado filter lol. Can you give me measurements? Will the forcewinder filter fit on the tornado intake? The tornado intake is a 3 inch tube I THINK but...
  3. Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    I'm seriously looking at the thunder hypercharger for my 2002 meanie. I hear their mounting bracket keeps it a lot closer to the engine so it doesn't stick out much. For an upgrade like this how much do I really need a tuner? I have pipes but that's it. If I need one what's the best choice...
  4. Mean Streak Performance Upgrades
    Remember when Paul and I developed the BadA$$ intake for the Mean Streak, we intentionally lengthened the intake throttle body length to improve flow and enhance the low-mid range? Well, it seems the V2K engineers didn't let this concept escape them when developing the stock V2K intake setup...
  5. General Mean Streak
    Which seat setup do you like best? You can select more than one. Stock Classic solo Classic dual Classic dual with driver backrest
  6. General Mean Streak
    73.09 HP 95.03 TQ Max TQ at 3300rpm. This was with my 2004 Mean Streak with the BadA$$ Intake, Cobra Deluxe Classic Slash Cuts and pcIII.
  7. Cruiser Corner
    I'd like to know if anyone has a similar setup on their bike and what PCIII map they use? I was using #M220-002 with just the Cobras and factory intake on an 07 Nomad then switched to the #M220-003 after installing Chuckster's Air Kit since it seemed to be the closest one to my setup. It seems...
  8. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    Chrome spike intake kit for Kawasaki Mean Streak. New in box - $150 shipped (continental US), will consider offers. sold Meanie, so don't need it.
1-8 of 8 Results