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  1. General Mean Streak
    Hay Crew,,, like it says making the mold,,,, still some shaving to do, any input would be great !! we will see if this is a hit or miss...
  2. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    Looking for a new or used HOTBOX for 2007 Kawasaki Mean Streak SE. I'd prefer it be black, as I have pretty much taken off every piece of chrome on my bike but doesn't matter, I can paint the cover if need be. PM me or email me directly at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Mean Streak For Sale/Trade - Archived posts
    HotBox for sale. 200 bucks shipped to lower 48, more for any where else. Chrome door and key to lock it. Hardware to mount the hotbox plus if you want to relocate your rectifier under the hotbox, I will send that hardware as well. I have had this on my bike for about 3 years. Holds lots of...
1-3 of 3 Results